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A complex of trillions of microorganisms including a majority of good bacteria and few bad bacteria stay inside and outside of our human bodies. The human gut is an important habitat for these microorganisms. They live symbiotically and help us in digestion, absorption of nutrients, and protection from the pathogenic bacteria. A balance between the good and bad microorganisms is maintained and any change to that equilibrium in our gut leads to a plethora of disease conditions.

Research on the gut microbiome indicates that an unhealthy gut is not just linked to digestive disorders but also to many disorders from the brain to the immune system. Many of us suffer from symptoms like bloating, acidity, and constipation which we take lightly and let go with short term. Gut MicrobiomA healthy gut is involved in effecting neurotransmitter production that further influences mood and cognitive abilities. We all know well that digestive juices are released in our stomach when we imagine food or start having food. Brain signals the gut about the food. The connection between the gut and the brain goes vice-versa. Any disturbance in the gut microbiota can result in sending signals to the brain that may lead to anxiety and stress. An unhealthy gut is linked to depression and sleep disorders. Also in the long term, a disturbed gut microbiota causes chronic fatigue and disrupts mood. Our food habits trigger the colonization and growth of one particular population of microbes that can positively or negatively affect weight gain. Thus gut health plays an important role in obesity and weight management.

How my gut health is affected ?

Unhealthy Gut

With the current day fast-growing global culture and modern lifestyle, workload and stress levels are increasing along with altered food habits. The below-mentioned practices affect your gut health.

  • Not having the food at proper timings, eating a lot of processed foods,
  • Excessive consumption of beverages containing caffeine and sugars, consumption of alcohol and  smoking,
  • Frequent use of antibiotics,
  • Excess eating of outside restaurant food,

Most of us make the choice of food on the mere criterion of sensual desire and some- times price. There will be a huge impact on the gut microbiota of what we eat regularly.

What can we do to fix the unhealthy gut?

The first and foremost important thing is to observe our food habits. Poor diet, overeating, eating in an anxious state of mind causes indigestion which is the biggest concern for causing the unhealthy gut. For example, altered gut flora triggers further sugar cravings leading to excess eating and obesity.

One can follow changes in their diet by Having a fixed eating routine

  •   Inclusion of high fiber content vegetables and fruits Inclusion of healthy fats and lean proteins.
  •   Cutting down the processed foods.
  •   Eat more whole foods, anti-inflammatory foods.

You can take care of your gut and control your health by doing below

  • Identifying and eliminating your specific triggers.
  • Improving your diet that improves digestion and balances your gut flora Managing stress levels – practice meditation and yoga.
  • Lifestyle changes that prevent disease.

Detox is defined as the process in which one abstains from the body from toxic or unhealthy substances. Detox helps you to boost immunity, clear your skin, and improve your health and wellness leading to more focus and clarity mentally.

Intermittent Fasting, which helps the digestive system to get some rest and sheds the water weight and reduce the inflammation. It refreshes the senses.

Probiotics are the microorganisms that are naturally living in our gut. They improve gut health by promoting good bacteria in our gut. Probiotics may contain a variety of microorganisms. Different probiotics can have different effects. One should be careful using these probiotics.

Natural Dietary supplements are widely used and know from ancient Indian food culture. But these days, people are focussing more on the market available products that contain a lot of synthetic supplements that can harm our gut. One should be aware, that not all the supplements are Natural Dietary Supplimentrequired/suitable for everyone. These supplements should be consumed after the doctor’s advice and recommendation.

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