Antibiotic Resistance

Be informed about Antibiotic Resistance!!

What is antibiotic resistance??

Antibiotic Resistance is the phenomenon in which the medicines prescribed for a patient to treat an infection doesn’t kill the pathogens causing that infection. It indicates pathogens had become resistant to that medicine.

What is the effect of Antibiotic resistance on patients?

  • The patient may take more time to get cured of that infection.
  • The patient may need to take more doses of antibiotics or alternative antibiotics.
  • Hospital admitted patients may need to stay in the hospital for more time.
  • The treatment cost increases!!
  • Unexpected side effects due to overdosage of these antibiotics like diarrhea.
  • Infants and geriatrics can be at a greater risk.

We are now using the latest medical technology and enjoying the fruitful results of many medical advances for diagnosing and treating diseases. In spite of all this technology and Knowledge, we are not able to handle Antibiotic resistance. If we cannot tackle this problem we shall soon see the more devastating post-antibiotic era as we are falling short of effective antibiotics.

Factors that contribute to the problem of antibiotic resistance:

There are many reasons that are leading to the antibiotic crisis.

Human beings with their practices and lack of awareness are posing a serious threat to themselves. The main factors are :

  • Antibiotics use in the food chain.
  • Over usage of chemical fertilizers and additives in agriculture.
  • Excessive use of antibiotic growth stimulators in the poultry, fisheries, and meat.
  • Inappropriate use of antibiotics as medicines.
  • General physicians prescribe antibiotics without actual necessity.
  • Free availability of antibiotics without prescription.
  • Self-medication.
  • Unhygienic personal and surrounding environmental conditions.

Today I saw one of my well-educated friends using antibiotics purchased from the medical Informe and Educate about Antibiotic Resistanceshop for a simple cough too without any consultation from the doctor. I suggested he take lozenges which might be enough for his cough. He replied that he will get rid of the cough early by taking antibiotics. This is not at all true!!

People who do not know the science behind the cause of microbial resistance to drugs think antibiotics are the simplest cure for anything. Being a researcher working on antimicrobial resistance and patho-genomics, in my opinion, creating public awareness about the rational use of antibiotics is more important along with the scientific knowledge that is needed of the hour.

Now this antibiotic resistance has become a global challenge. The world health organization, European Union, and many other authorities are working keenly to handle this challenge. The Indian government has started working on the AMR problem and trying to create awareness among the public. It’s a big challenge for a country like India to spread awareness among such a huge population.

What can I do for tackling this problem of antibiotic resistance?

  • Watch for the red line on the tablet’s strip and be careful using such medicines.
  • Explain to your household members especially old-aged elders about the same.
  • Complete a full course of antibiotics; don’t leave after having one or two tablets of antibiotics.
  • Never use leftover antibiotics of some other person on your own decision.
  • Only use antibiotics when prescribed by a certified Medical Doctor.
  • Never demand antibiotics from the medical store on your own.

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Medicine with Red Line

Maintain clean and neat use of Toilets and personal hygiene by washing hands after using toilets to avoid contamination of pathogenic microbes.

Nagarjuna Daram

I had earned PhD from the University of Delhi. My focus of research was the E.coli causing nosocomial infections; their virulence mechanism, spread of the antibiotic resistance genes and clonality. Now as a post-doctoral fellow, I’m exploring antibiotic resistance mechanisms in ESKAPE Pathogens. I work on the clinical isolates from the tertiary care hospitals by utilizing whole genome sequencing and PCR for understanding the genome plasticity of the pathogens and antibiotic resistance. Along with research, I’m keen in creating public awareness about the use of antibiotics. India has a prominent role and is an important platform to understand AMR. The problem of Antimicrobial resistance is very challenging and educating people is one key step to tackle it. I take every opportunity to spread a word of knowledge about AMR among the folks.

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